The nation's first online TV network created for and by the recovery community. Streaming anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Recovery from drug and alcohol abuse and other behavioral disorders is part of a dynamic wellness landscape that draws from such diverse disciplines as philosophy, medicine, genetics, self-help, existentialism, psychology, morality and ethics, spirituality, psychopharmacology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and neuroscience - to name just a few.
At more than 25 million people and counting, the recovery community now represents one of the largest special interests groups in America. And with RECOVERY TV it now has its own TV network.
It doesn’t matter if you’re still using (or never used), trying to quit, abstaining, practicing moderation, in rehab, out of rehab, seeing a therapist, in a program, attending meetings, flying solo, a parent, sibling or friend of a problem user, sober-curious or just interested in the subject of recovery...
Count on us for thoroughly researched and unbiased news, useful information, positive reinforcement, motivation and inspiration that can help guide you or someone you care about towards a healthier life. Best of all: It's free.
Because who ever said recovery had to be boring?
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