In most cases SMART Recovery weekly face-to-face meetings will proceed as usual.

However, because of concerns about possible contagion, some of our Facilitators may choose to place their face-to-face meetings on hiatus and conduct their weekly meeting online instead - using ZOOM Videoconferencing, a free desktop and mobile application that’s very simple to use.


To find out if a meeting you want to attend, or regularly attend, has been put on hiatus or moved online please do the following:

1) Search for a meeting you want to attend or currently attend by entering your zip code in the search bar (above).

2) Once you find the meeting, use the contact information to email, text or call the Facilitator to check on the status of the meeting.

3) If the meeting has moved online, the facilitator will send you an invitation link to access their online meeting, along with helpful instructions for how to set up a free ZOOM account and join their  online meeting.


NOTE:  SMART Recovery already hosts hundreds of online meetings every week. To find a meeting that fits your schedule, just click below: