SMART Recovery


Maybe you've used us to aid your own recovery. Maybe you're a friend or family member of someone we've helped.  Maybe you're a volunteer or facilitator who shares our message of self-empowerment with the thousands of Americans who join our mutual support group meetings each week.

Whatever way you came to SMART Recovery, you know it works because you've seen it work - on yourself; on others. And SMART Recovery continues to work thanks to the dedication of people like you.

Now we offer you a simple and convenient way to show your dedication by signing up for our new INSIDERS PROGRAM.  You'll be giving back - or paying it forward - through a modest monthly recurring contribution to SMART Recovery.  

What's more, you'll be an important part of a team of individuals who will interact closely with SMART Recovery management on important policy initiatives and key decision-making.

- Sign-up is easy 

- Three levels to choose from 

- Receive awesome free perks   

- Use credit or debit card

- Cancel at any time 


Depending on your INSIDERS commitment level, you will receive:


  • Subscription to an INSIDERS-only monthly newsletter full of premium content

  • Public acknowledgment of your commitment in published newsletters and videos (opt-in)

  • 10% discount on a single product of your choice purchased at the SMART Recovery Bookstore (some exclusions apply)

  • Free copy of the SMART Recovery 25th Anniversary Commemorative Book personally signed by SMART Recovery President Bill Greer and SMART Co-Founder Dr. Joe Gerstein

  • SMART Recovery Monogrammed Medallion (show in lieu of cash at any SMART Recovery meeting!)

  • SMART Recovery Bumper Sticker

  • Quarterly INSIDERS-only Webinars

  • Online Meet-and-Greets with SMART Recovery leadership

  • And much much more...!




Sign up for the program before December 31st, 2020 and you'll

qualify for FOUNDING INSIDER status and even more perks!

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