Successful Life Skills - 3d Book Cover.p

SUCCESSFUL LIFE SKILLS is the epitome of what the recovery movement represents. This guide can help anyone learn to improve their lives on a holistic level, focusing on solutions rather than labels or diagnoses. It focuses on choices - which are paramount for people to engage and participate in a learning experience.


This new manual is by far the easiest, most targeted and user-friendly treatment tool available today. It meets standards for evidence-based treatment, follows a natural progression, and can be used by anyone who has a sincere desire to improve their lives.


Focused and thoughtful reading of this book will instill HOPE in people who wish to make changes in their lives and the POWER to make them.


“This easy to read book should be required reading for all young people or adults lacking in self-awareness, personal responsibility or an understanding of virtue. This is a straight forward , no nonsense guide to a successful life. Perfect stocking stuffer, birthday or graduation gift.”

“This is a practical book that is easy for anyone to digest. It provides you with concrete exercises to help you focus on your top priorities to accomplish your life goals. This book would be useful to anyone, no matter what life stage you are in - someone just getting into the workforce or someone well into a successful career.”