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"If you want to master something, teach it..."

Richard Feyman
Nobel Prize in Physics, 1965


Ready to make a difference in your community and help others find freedom from their addictions?

For over 25 years, SMART Recovery's in-person and online mutual support meetings have helped millions of people overcome their addictions and lead happy, healthy sober lives.

Now you can train to become a SMART Recovery facilitator and start your own meeting.

As part of this special promotion with Sober Voices, SMART Recovery's enterprise-quality Online Volunteer Facilitator Training will be offered at a 50% discount (a $99 value for only $49).

Hosting a SMART Recovery meeting is a deeply rewarding experience which will allow you to build your very own your sober community and then watch it thrive as you grow stronger in your own recovery as well.

SMART is compatible with other recovery pathways, including 12-Step programs. 

SMART Recovery is a 501c3 Non Profit.   Scholarships are also available to defer 100% of your training costs.
Please email to learn more.

SMART Recovery helps people achieve independence from addictive substances and behaviors. The results of numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies proves this. Our meetings are guided by trained facilitators (like you) using proven tools and techniques that people can start to use immediately in their recovery. We are effective with a range of addictive substances and problematic behaviors (alcohol, drugs, gambling, eating disorders, video gaming, etc.) 

What will your participants get from your meeting?

  • Regain the self-confidence and the respect of others they care about

  • Learn time-tested techniques to overcome urges to relapse

  • Gain a deeper understanding about themselves and what drives them

  • Acquire coping skills for everyday stressors and triggers

  • Manage their own thoughts, feelings and behaviors

  • Create a lifestyle balance that makes them happy, healthy and successful


What do I need to start the training?

Just an email account and a computer with high speed internet access, speakers, and an up-to-date browser (Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox). You can also use your phone or tablet by simply downloading the free Moodle App.  

What will I learn with the training?

You'll not only learn the necessary knowledge of SMART Recovery and its 4-Point Program to proceed capably, comfortably and authoritatively in your role as a SMART Recovery meeting Facilitator, but also learn successful life skills that can inform and reinforce your own sobriety.  

How long does SMART Recovery Meeting Facilitator online training take to complete?

The online course is about 20 hours long, and designed for you to complete at your own pace.  You'll have 150 days to complete the training after you register.  

Is the online training all I need to start a meeting?

Yes. If you feel comfortable, you can start your first meeting right away and begin helping people in their recovery. But if you want more time to prepare, SMART Recovery offers totally free ongoing online training and support.

Will SMART Recovery help me start my meeting?

Absolutely. We offer tons of free resources, guides, how-to's, best practices for finding face-to-face meeting locations, Zoom training, and an online Volunteer Portal (VHQ) where you can reach out and interact with our SMART Recovery Volunteer Staff and other volunteer meeting facilitators like yourself.

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