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End your addiction.  Get your life back.  And live...


SMART Recovery has helped millions of people overcome their addictions and lead happy, healthy lives for over 25 years in over 20 countries.  We provide face-to-face and online mutual support meetings that are open to anyone struggling with any addictive issue.
Self-directed, science and self-empowerment-based.  

Addiction is not who you are. It's just what you're going through. Right now. Not forever.

100% Free of charge.

Get help NOW. Help that WORKS.

SMART Recovery will help you achieve independence from addictive substances and behaviors. The results of numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies proves this. Our meetings are guided by trained facilitators using proven tools and techniques that you can start to use immediately in your recovery. We are effective with a range of addictive substances and problematic behaviors (alcohol, drugs, gambling, eating disorders, video gaming, etc.) 

Watch this short video to learn more about who we are and what we do.

What will you get from SMART Recovery?

  • Regain your self-confidence and the respect of others you care about

  • Learn time-tested techniques to overcome urges to relapse

  • Gain a deeper understanding about yourself and what drives you

  • Acquire coping skills for everyday stressors and triggers

  • Manage your own thoughts, feelings and behaviors

  • Create a lifestyle balance that makes you happy, healthy and successful

SMART Recovery's Core Values

  • EMPOWERMENT: You have the power of choice in your life. You can and will change.

  • STIGMA-FREE: You are not your behavior. SMART doesn't use terms like "alcoholic", "addict," or "powerless."

  • ACCEPTANCE: Nobody has the right or power to judge you. SMART accepts you as you are and where you are now in your recovery.

  • ACCESSIBILITY: SMART is not all-or-nothing. You choose only the tool or exercise that work for you.

  • OPENNESS: Recovery is not one-size-fits-all. You can use other programs in tandem with ours. 

  • FREEDOM: SMART is not a life-long commitment. Once you get to a great place, move on with your life. Come back any time you like. We're not going anywhere.

About SMART Recovery International

Our mission is to make SMART Recovery available to people of every country and culture on the planet. We are nurturing a growing global community. We ensure that SMART continues to combine the best science and practical experience of recovery through training, instruction and technology. Wherever there is a need, we will be there - in cities, villages, rural communities or online. SMART envisions an addiction-free world where people strive together to lead the best life for themselves, their families and their communities.


"SMART Recovery made possible for me the once impossible idea of being clean and happy. I'm forever grateful to have learned the tools to take back control of my life.  And SAVE my life."

- grahammon80

"I was tired of being told I was powerless. I'm not. I can make better choices now. SMART Recovery helped me develop a plan to get where I needed to get."


​- XYZsobergirl

"Everybody told me my options were limited. Now I know that's not true. SMART helped me realize that my recovery journey is unique to me, and I'm 100% in charge of it."

- tootruetofail

"I felt completely lost.  SMART Recovery showed me how my own THOUGHTS were my biggest problem.  The SMART Handbook exercises really helped me break it all down and look at my challenges from a more positive perspective. Put simply: It WORKED for me." 


- -sergioaggy  

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